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Globally, individuals and organizations are faced on daily basis with the ever increasing conflict situations whether in business, politics, government, religion, sport, community, etc., and this has led to worldwide demand for Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and other forms of ADR processes, as opposed to litigation in the law courts, in resolving these conflicts.

The Ivy-league International Dispute Resolution Institute [IDRI]-Member Institute of United Nations-UNCITRAL, in collaboration with a leading American University-Dominican University, Chicago- Illinois USA [est. 1901], are now  running Masters in Mediation & Professional Post-Graduate Diploma & Certificate Programmes in Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, and Peace & Conflict Settlement Studies.
These specialist and executive programmes have been specially designed for those who want to be arbitrators and ADR practitioners and/or who also want indept knowledge of these emerging  professions but cannot afford to be away from their work while earning University and/or professional


[a] The minimum requirement for the Masters Programme is a University Degree or a
Polytechnic Higher Diploma or its equivalent in any discipline. All Masters degree applicants would satisfy Dominican University Graduate Students’ admission requirements.

[b] The minimum requirement for Post-Graduate Diploma or Certificate is a University Diploma, or Polytechnic or College of Education Diploma or Post-Secondary Education with relevant experience.

[c] Other relevant qualifications with experience may be considered for Post Graduate Certificate.

[d] Members of International Dispute Resolution Institute[IDRI] and other similar mega and global ADR Institutions may be granted waivers in some courses in the Diploma & Certificate Programmes.


[a] The tuition fee for the Masters In Mediation & Conflict Resolution [MMCR] is USD $18,000.00.
[b] The tuition fee for the Professional Post-Graduate Diploma and Professional Post-Graduate Certificate is USD $7,500.00 and USD $ 2,500.00 respectively.
c] The Application fee for all Programmes is USD $100.00. Please note that the tuition, registration and other fees, etc, may change from time to time and that fees are not refundable after payment.


[a] The duration for the Masters Programme is 9-12 Months of intensive bi-weekly In-person lectures with simulations [45%] and Online lectures [55%].
[b]The duration for the Professional Post-Graduate Diploma is 3 months of intensive bi-weekly lectures with simulations and dissertation and the duration for the Professional Post-Graduate Certificate is 2 weeks of intensive bi-weekly lectures with simulation.
[c] Note that all programmes may be run on Online and/or Inperson basis.
The bi-weekly In-person lectures would be on Saturdays and Sundays.
All students would be notified of the time and duration of Online programmes with Meeting ID Numbers & Passwords/Passcodes.


  1. The Faculty is made up of the best brains in the field of Arbitration & ADR. These are practicing Arbitrators & ADR practitioners with very strong academic qualifications from the finest universities in the world and excellent professional qualifications from different jusrisdictions of the world.1. Prof. C.J.Amasike, LL.M, Ph.D Nigeria
    2. Prof. D. Butler, LL.M, LL.D South Africa
    3. Prof. E. Stewart, [SC], LL.M, Ireland
    4. Prof. M. Riccomagno, LL.M, Italy
    5. Prof. J. Faris, LL.M, LL.D South Africa
    6. Prof. W. Ben-Hamida, LL.M, Ph.D France
    7. Prof. D. C. Richards, LL.M, Ph.D USA
    8. Dr. S. Kratzsch, LL.M, Ph.D Germany
    9. Dr. G. Blanke, LL.M, Ph.D Germany
    10. Dr. Iryna Telychko, LL.M, Ph.D U.A.E
    11. Hon. Judge Lindsay Jones, J.D U.S.A
    12. Hon. Philippe Billiet, LL.M Belgium
    13. Dr. Felix Steffek, LL.M, Ph.D UK
    14. Dr. Kamal Malas, MS, Ph.D UAE
    15. Dr. Khaled Attia, LL.M, Ph.D Egypt
    16. Dr. Jake Bucher, M.Sc, Ph.D USA


  1. Degree & Diploma awarded by a leading US University-Dominican University,Chicago-Illinois, USA in affiliation with an Ivy-league Institute – IDRI.
  2. High quality teaching by experienced Arbitration & ADR Professors.
  3. International Professional Certification and License to practice as Arbitrators, Mediators and ADR Practitioners globally.
  4. State-of-the-art In-person teaching facilities in the heart of Africa – Abuja and Online teaching.
  5. Huge job opportunties and connection with various international arbitration institutions
  6. Short Programme duration and provision of e-learning materials
  7. Waiver of some courses for IDRI members and other mega ADR institutions.
  8. Continous supportive relationship between IDRI/Dominican University and alumni. Convocation would be held at Dominican University, Illinois, USA or any other  venue. Visas would be facilitated – terms and conditions apply
  9. Enhanced opportunity for promotions and important appointments
  10. Professional Certification/Membership of IDRI etc


The submission of application for January 2021 intake ends 30th November, 2020, for all programmes. Masters Programme starts on 25th January, 2021, while the Professional Post-Graduate Programmes [Diploma & Certificate] start on 30th January, 2021. The submission of application for the second intake of students for the Post-Graduate Diploma and Certificate ends 31st May, 2021, and studies start 31st July, 2021.

Venue of the In-person lectures is Abuja-Nigeria

Please visit: or visit the IDRI Secretariat at: 50, Julius Nyerere Crescent [Next To The World Bank] Asokoro, Abuja – Nigeria

Or Call
Promise on +234-909-9651-401 or Lilian on +234-705-7670-347 Other numbers: +234-809-3750-000, +234-805-2128-456,+234-9-291-3581, +234-803-7035-989, +234-817-6308-030,+234-9-291-9208, +234-9-291-3499, +234-9-291-3524,+234-9-291-9209.
You may also contact us by email at [email protected]

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