Masters & Post – Graduate Diploma Programme.

Masters & Post - Graduate Diploma Programme.

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Globally, individuals and organisations are faced on daily basis with the ever – increasing conflict situations whether in business, politics, government, religion, etc., and this has led to worldwide demand for Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and other forms of ADR processes in resolving these conflicts
The Ivy-league International Dispute Resolution Institute [IDRI] in collaboration with a leading ADR Institute – Arbitration & ADR In Africa [AAAAA], and a leading African University – GIMPA University [GIMPA], Accra Ghana, are now running Masters & Post – Graduate Diploma Professional Programmes in Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, and Peace & Conflict Settlement Studies.
These specialist and executive programmes have been specially designed for those who want to be professional arbitrators and ADR practitioners and who also want indept knowledge of these emerging profession and who cannot afford to be away from their work while earning joint University and professional qualifications.


[a] The minimum requirement for the Masters Programme is an Honours University Degree [Second Class Lower] or Polytechnic Higher National Diploma [Credit] or equivalent, in addition to Post – Graduate Diploma in Arbitration & ADR in any discipline.

[b] The minimum requirement for the Post – Graduate Diploma is a University Degree or Higher National Diploma or equivalent, in any discipline.

[c] All Masters Degree Students must first obtain a Post – Graduate Diploma before proceeding on to the Masters Programme.

[d] Members of the IDRI Institute and other similar mega global ADR Institutes would be given waivers in some courses


[a] The fee for Masters Programme is U.K £12,000.
[b] The fee for Post – Graduate Diploma Programme the fee is U.K £8,000.
Note that the above fees are subject to review from time to time.


  1. The Faculty is made up of the best brains in the field of Arbitration & ADR. These are practicing Arbitrators & ADR practitioners with very strong academic qualifications from the finest universities in the world and excellent professional qualifications from different jusrisdictions of the world.
    1. Prof. C.J. Amasike, Ph.D – Nigeria.
    2. Prof D. Butler, LL.M, LL.D – South Africa.
    3. Prof. E. Stewart [SC], LL.M, Ph.D – Ireland.
    4. Prof. M. Riccomagno, LL.M, Ph.D – Italy.
    5. Prof. J. Faris, LL.M, LL.D – South Africa.
    6. Prof. B. Hamida, LL.M, Ph.D – France.
    7. Prof. D.C. Richards, LL.M, Ph.D – USA.
    8. Dr. S. Kratzsch, LL.M, Ph.D – Germany.
    9. Dean K. Abotsi, LL.M – Ghana.
    10. Dr. G. Blanke, Ph.D – Germany.
    11. Dr. A. Ansong, Ph.D Ghana.
    12. Dr. Iryna Telychko, LL.M, Ph.D -UAE
    13. Hon. Lindsay Jones, J.D, Ph.D
    14. Ms. D.A. Dapaah, LL.M – Ghana
    15. Ms. Jane Evans, LL.M – U.K


[a] The duration for the Masters Programme is 6 months of intensive bi-weekly lectures with practical and thesis

[b] The duration for the Post – Graduate Diploma is 3 months of intensive bi-weekly lectures with practicals

Submission of application ends 7th January, 2017.
Lectures start 14th January, 2017.
The schedule for the lectures/workshops would be bi-weekly on Saturdays and Sundays.



  1. Degree & Diploma awarded by GIMPA [University] Accra, Ghana in affiliation with an Ivy-League Institute-IDRI/AAAA
  2. High quality teaching by experienced Arbitration & ADR Professors.
  3. International Professional Certification and License to practice as Arbitrators, Mediators and ADR Practitioners globally.
  4. State-of-the-art teaching facilities in the heart of Africa
  5. Huge job opportunties and connection with various international arbitration institutions
  6. Short Programme duration and provision of e-learning materials
  7. Waiver of some courses for IDRI Members
  8. Continous supportive relationship between IDRI/A5, GIMPA [University] and alumni
  9. Enhanced opportunity for promotions and important appointments
  10. Professional Certification/Membership of IDRI
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I testify that the programme has provided me with in-depth knowledge and understanding of Arbitration

Umar Aliyu
Legal Adviser, National Emergency Mgt. Authority